Monday, February 28, 2011

leap and the net will appear .....

... it is one of my most favourite sayings and I have decided to finally take it's advice.

i have wanted for so long to try and sell my art somehow other than online - not that i have been online for that long.  so i have decided to try a couple of art and craft markets.  i have visited two in the past two weekends - the first not so great as it was full of hand made children's clothes.  then i visited one today that was wonderful - Bella Vista Artisans Market.

today was only the second time it has operated and there were alot of stalls, although several sellers told me that it was very quite day.  i remember reading an article years ago about establishing a market, and it said that it takes about 12 months for a market to be well know and establish, so there is alot of promise for this one as it is in a beautiful setting.

i did speak with a very talented stallholder there called genevieve who is an artist and sells online through  her artwork was wonderful and i really enjoyed talking to her.  she was selling prints of her work in varying sizes as I want to do.  she seems dedicated to the market and has been there for the first two and plans to be there next month.  

so i am busy investigating the most cost effective and professional outcome for printing, designing the look of my stall (the fun part), getting insurance, oh and I must remember to book in to the market.  Bliss

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hippy Hippy Shake

what was that song from the 60s about wearing flowers in your hair?  all I can remember is "are you going to San-Fran-sisco ......."  anyway I have a new girl and she has flowers in her hair.  I quite like her I do! 

the scan is not so great though, it didn't totally fit on the glass so is a little blurred unfortunately.  will have to go get it professionally done in the next day or so. but you get the picture (pun intended) hee hee.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a flower is a flower is a felt flower

a few weekends ago we had a blissful time down the coast and stayed at the beautiful beach side village of mollymook - or the mook as the locals call it.  hee hee - love it.  anyway, i bought these glorious felt flower curtain tie backs (yes that is what they are supposed to be, but i am thinking of so many more uses for them) from a funky shop in the nearby town of Milton.

aren't the colours just glorious?  i bought four of them.  i felt (hee hee) it was one of those situations that if i don't grab them now i will never see them again.  and ... the best bit .... they were only $7.50 each.  i had to ask her the price twice as i couldn't believe it.

another of the best bits about them is that the shop selling them is operated solely to support an orphanage in nepal.  love that!  only wished i could remember the name of the shop.  i had a look on line but couldn't track it down.

if you ever  get to milton you MUST have a meal at Pilgrims - it is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g vegetarian cafe that serves the most abundant and healthy meals.  it is always packed, so don't expect to leave there in a hurry in peak times.  definitely well worth the visit.  even the carnivore irishman loved it. (embarrassed and appalled with myself that i can remember the name of a food establishment but not a beautiful shop doing such kind and generous work. i'll ask the irishman - he'll remember).
:: bliss ::

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the newest girl in my life

thought i'd try and bring a bit of art into my art blog for a change.

so got my act together last night and finished the painting i was working on.  well i think i have finished it. my original plan was to put a heap of bright flowers on her gorgeous green hat, but now i think her melancholiness wouldn't match a bright flowery hat.  or would it?

man, it took me forever to get her eyes right.  i changed them about four times.  kept layering the gesso over the top and starting again. drove me crazy.

Bliss. xx

Monday, February 7, 2011

lift your game Jenn ... seriously

talk about absolute and thorough bliss ..... i just received my first issue of Artful Blogging in the mail today.  how divine is that mag?   deeee-vine!!

there are blogs in there less than a year old that are absolute masterpieces.  I am alternating between depression and delight every time i think about that magazine.   

lift your game Jenn.  lift your game.  seriously.

but how? how? how?  

i think i need a more interesting life to write about.  perhaps as this blog is supposed to be mainly about art, i should concentrate a little more on that and less on dogs, magazines and other distractions.  yes that is it.  must now go and finish my current painting so i can put it up here. also, must remember that i have an aRT blog.

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