Saturday, February 25, 2012

ghostly designs

i have seen the most beautiful simple dismantled lamps shades over the past year or so and loved and coveted them, but have never taken too much notice of how they were made.  then a week ago i decided that i just had to have couple of them for my market stall.  the hunt was on to try and locate one so i could see how i could create my own. google to the rescue with a weird combination of words and surprise surprise i came up with some beautiful photos in a wonderful blog that i read very (far too often) regularly  ... dotti angel ...

apparently they are called ghost lamps ... who would have guessed that?

so here are my attempts at a couple of small lamps for decorating my market stall.  lets see how they go on the stall.  will post photos of the stall soooon.

the photos are not good ... my apologies ... but you get the idea.

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