Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

thankyou Miss Blu ...

today i was just sitting here thinking about how much my life has changed this year in so many ways.  the most positive is that i am now totally absorbed in art and so so loving it.

earlier this year i decided that i could no longer not do art, so i decided to start from the basics again and do a drawing class at the local community college.  mistake. big mistake.  the teacher was woeful. woeful. i won't bore you with the details, but basically she didn't teach, just put an object in front of us and said draw it, whenever a student asked for guidance she seemed quite taken aback.  odd.

i wasn't giving up.  so I turned to the good ole internet in search of instruction and found the divine miss Suzi Blu.  what an inspiration. what a teacher.  what a wonderfully kooky girl. what an artist!! her art is unique and magnificent.

i have learnt so much from her classes apart from art that I can't begin to tell you.  mostly though i learnt that yes, i am an artist (suzi says so).  suzi has also given me the confidence to open an etsy shop (no one has bought anything, but that doesn't matter, i opened an etsy shop!!!! yay to me!).

suzi taught me to paint backgrounds and beautiful girls. how to blend to make their skin look divine, how to make their eyes pop and their lips luscious.

not long after i started my first suzi class one of my friends had just been diagnosed with cancer and was looking to do some art, i sent her suzi's website and she too enrolled in suzi classes. we spent many an hour talking about how much we enjoy suzi and how much we love painting the girls! also how much we felt encourage by suzi and how much confidence she instills, and i think that is the key to suzi, she is genuine and authentic and truly wants you to succeed in your pursuit of blissful art.  i know i might sound like some crazy groupy nutcase, but she really is wonderful.

i really thank suzi for re-igniting my creative spirit and i hope that one day i can meet her and give her a big squeezy hug and say 'thanks suzi blu - you're great!'. 

so if you want to be an artist, a suzi blu class is the place to be!

here is one of my first girls, just love her ....if i can do this after a few weeks, so can you. Bliss.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

trees heart hearts

beautiful sunday morning and took my new camera down at the park with miss macool and we found some tree love ... quite amazed as I had not noticed them before, surprising what you see when you are looking!!

... and the biggest heart of all  ::  this is the one. the only. the magnificent and divine Finn Macool II and her favourite stick of the morning. true finny bliss.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

garage sale bliss bliss and more bliss

i love a garage sale. absolutely. no denying it.

it is quite difficult to find a really great garage sale where you want to buy everything they have.  my theory  ...having been to many many many many .... is that every 5th one is GREAT!!!  that doesn't mean you get through 4 horrid ones and the next is vintage bliss.  it means that if you suffer through the greasy old bbq's and disgusting plastic garden pots for long enough you will hit heaven like i did on saturday (see below photos for evidence).

there was so much great stuff that i didn't buy (no room, have enough already).  the best bit is that this wonderful woman that was having the sale has just moved into the area and does this as a hobby.  collects vintage goodies from charity shops and garage sales then every few months off loads what she doesn't really want in a garage sale.  Love that woman! Bliss.

The white table is in great condition and most likely from the 50s or 60s.  the brass trolley's top shelf is a removable tray - love it.  Not too sure about the oil paintings, but i loved the colours, may take the frames off and take another look at them. the mirror is deliciously dilapidated and i thought it needed a happy home for its final days. Happy girl!  And it was my birthday on Saturday, so doubly happy girl.

just remembered .... a few weeks ago at a garage sale i found a 5 arm vintage crystal chandelier for $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes THREE dollars.   I grabbed it and didn't let go of it until I got to the car.  What a beauty!

Bliss to all.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

musical trees and curly trees :: loving trees

i am still trying to find MY style of painting and collage.  i do love my Wilhelmina, Millicent and the gorgeous Prudence, i really do .... but i am finding great bliss in trees also.

here are a couple of my latest tree paintings.  think i'll keep going on the tree collage theme for awhile and see where it takes  me.  what do you think??

i will get prints into my etsy shop soon and hopefully someone will love one enough to purchase. Bliss to all!

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