Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spring has sprung .... sprouted .... surprised me.... ?

Sydney has just been through the coldest winter in 13 years.  That isn't really saying alot, it just means that I wasn't imagining how cold it was.

Then last week I look around there are flowers everywhere. Yay -SPRING!!!! My garden went from drab to fab in a few weeks.  Wonderful.  Colourful. Weedful! (I think if I spent 8 hours a day for the next month weeding my garden, I wouldn't be finished.  Well maybe, but you get my point - too many weeds for one girl to cope with).

So I thought I would take some photos of the first flush of flowers and brighten my life and my blog.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Incomplete Art

One of my many unfinished art pieces.  I just get so excited about starting a new project, work away at it blissfully and then cannot add those final touches to complete it.  I then usually put it aside.  Start another project.  Find the old one after a few days. Do some work on it. Look at it lovingly wondering how to finish it.

Here is one of the latest that is waiting for it's final bits to send it off to completed art heaven.  Any ideas?  I think I need some inspirational words cut out and pasted on? Or maybe I just need a holiday in France to think about it.  Bliss.

Woo hoo - my first blog post!!

Hi, it's me .... Jennifer with my first blog - woo hoooooooooo!!!!

Finally have taken the first step and started a blog. I've only talked about it for more than a year (can't believe how fast the past year has gone by the way). I am expecting REALLY big things to happen.   No clue what - but BIG BIG BIG things!!!  But really ....anything would be great.

I have far too many questions in relation to my blog though:

  • Will anyone ever read it?
  • Will anyone ever leave a comment?
  • Does it matter if no one ever does?
  • Will I totally freak out if someone does?
  • Can I really be authentic and say what I want in my blog without caring what others think?  (now that's a hard one).
  • Will I love writing in my blog?
  • Will I hate writing in my blog?
Who knows .... but here goes hey!

Welcome to Blog World Jennifer - scary and exciting as it is, I am sure you will love it!! Woo hoooooo!
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