Saturday, June 25, 2011

when did needlepoint get so funky and fabulous??

can anyone tell me??  

just look at these cushions. i first saw these on the always fabulous Cafe Cartolina blog.  the very talented designer is Emily Peacock.  but it gets better .... she sells kits on etsy.

aren't they divine .... almost makes me want to attempt to try needlepoint again.  well, maybe not.  my first and last attempt was quite a disaster. plus it would be a big time commitment to complete one of these beauties. but i do do do love them.  Oh oh oh, just a thought, maybe she could design one that says BLISS... that would be - well, bliss!

Monday, June 20, 2011

inspiration - weekly??

my first attempt at doing a weekly post dedicated to something (inspiring short sharp quotes) has almost fallen by the way-side ... quick save tonight might just fix it ... hmm.

one of my favourite ever saying is below. an oldie, and definitely a greatie.  i think it is one of my favourite ever saying because i neglected the whispers in my head for far too long, then when i decided to finally listen to them i realised that life will give you what you want when you really want something.  i had a card with this saying on it on the wall in front of me for years, reminding me that it is never too late .... never.

i actually made this for a card to send to my nephew.  he ignored the whispers in his head for too long also.  he finally acted on them without initial success.  he knew what he wanted so persevered and pestered and fought and believed, until the door was opened for him, and now he is blooming and blossoming and just lovin every minute of his life. i told him that he is my absolute role model for perseverance.  it is no coincidence that he is doing so well in his chosen field because it is his passion and he was meant to be what he is becoming.   isn't life amazing?

Monday, June 6, 2011

quick & quirky quote

don't know about you, but i love an inspiring quote.  preferably quick and quirky.  something punchy and to the point.  a little lift for the spirit.  something to change the way you think.  

so i thought i would do a weekly spot of inspiration on my blog.... and here's the first one :

isn't that great????  i just love it.  Masahide was a 17th century Buddhist, which makes me love it even more.

want to share your favourite quote?

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