Monday, January 24, 2011

tags tags tags - first of many. perhaps

i became a little obsessed about the tags and just had to drop everything and make some. immediately.

so here they are.  not great.  but not bad for my first attempt.  will keep going and see what i come up with.

Friday, January 21, 2011

tickets on myself

i was recently swooning over some beautifully hand made tags on a website, and now i can't find the website. drat and double drat!!  anyway, i decided that i wanted to try and make some beautifully hand made tags, but do you think i can find any plain attractive blank tags in this city - N.O.!  I saw these and these but they are in the US and I don't particularly want to pay a fortune in postage - plus I can't believe that I can't purchase some here.

i visited the local scrapbooking store and they said they would make me some on one of those die cutting machine, so that is a last resort option. although not suitable if i want to become a millionaire from selling divine hand made tags (dream away Jenn).

anyway, I decided to buy these very dull manila shipping tags (below).  Lets see what I can do with them hey!

you know, the great thing about me not being able to find those blissful handmade tags, is that I won't be able to compare mine to them.  Bliss.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

who's that girl in the (really) big hat??

have spent the last two days - or was it three - obsessed with this painting below.  i don't mean i have spent all my time working on it (truly i didn't).  but here it is.  i think it still needs a bit of work - the face i think, the colour and shading and detail isn't quite right.  need to walk away from it for a few days and then face it again and see what i see.  anyway ..... shes a beautiful girl and i like her style. cool chick maybe?

whilst selfishly indulging myself with the hatted girl, i have been also obsessed with the the floods up in queensland.  they are just so unbelievable and horrific.  i can not imagine what it would be like to be in the middle of something so catastrophic.  especially up in toowomba where a river appeared down the main street without warning. Climate change eh??!!!  Really ??!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

the art of silliness

i have just signed up for another art course - The Art of Silliness.  can't wait. and it's just what i need at the moment - a daily dose of fun (and it's wonderfully silly). 
and where else do you get 30 lessons for US$25 ??!!!

bring on 5th january and the first lesson.  


:: 2011 - the BLISSFUL year

not sure what to make of 2011, or should i say - what i will make of it.

i've never been good with new year resolutions as they put too much pressure on you. they're great if you keep them to yourself and don't blab to the world.  it is always better to not succeed privately don't you think, as most new year resolutions are so not achievable or are forgotten about by feb?  very negative sounding of me i know, so i am not making any this year.  there will just be my regular daily resolutions that i try to keep front of mind (so much to think about isn't there?) -

make more art, eat healthily, be thankful for my honey-pie, don't drink too much wine, be a positive happy girl that is grateful for her life, love everyone regardless.  there that works for me. happy girl.

there are some goals i want to achieve the first quarter of this year though, but i need to work on them a bit more - think, develop and finalise them.  there, that could be my first goal for the year - work out my goals. 

Bliss will fully blossom in 2011.
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