Friday, November 21, 2014

SHOP is now open

if you can't get to any of my markets, and you'd still like to purchase a print or two please click on the link below or the image to the left ...

... if you've got any questions or special requests please email me at jennifer (at) beingwhimsical (dot) com, i'd love to hear from you.  Thanks for visiting me.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

are you a retailer???

what a crazy few months.  a few weeks ago i exhibited in Life InStyle Sydney in the First InStyle section.  it is a design focused gift fair for retailers - mainly giftware and homewares - and woweee it was amazing.  i was terrified to start but soon managed to get myself together.

over the past 2 years of selling my art at craft markets i have had so many retailers ask me if i wholesale my greeting cards.  so i decided to take the plunge and just do just that. so i booked myself into Life Instyle.  it was a fantastic experience ...  as one retailer at the fair said to me "your cards are just so beautiful, and you realise now that you are here, your life will never be the same" - i think she is so right.

i learnt so much, met the most helpful and friendly retailers and enjoyed the company for four days of so many talented exhibitors. so so so glad i took the leap.

anyway, the name for my new business is Being Whimsical ... and you can find me over here.  if you are a retailer that needs a touch of whimsy in their life, then i would love for you to stock my cards, please visit the contact page and complete the form and I can send you a log in. i know my whimsical girls will love being in your shop as much as your customers will love taking them home. Oh yeah, I also offer free delivery!

Friday, April 12, 2013

originals for sale

back a few weeks ago ... here ...  i very excitedly waffled on about finally having originals for sale. 

 well there was a bit of a hiccup .... i couldn't part with them.

every weekend i found an excuse not to take them with me to my market stall.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

finally ..... originals for sale

i am regularly asked if i will sell my originals and my answer is always no. 

 i don't need to think about it, i just say no. 

 it's a mix of loving them so much so not wanting to part with them, and them taking me so long to create (up to 20 hours) due to the layers and layers, and the working forever on the elements to get them just right - that they really become unaffordable as i would want to sell them at a price that i feel they deserve and i don't think anyone would pay. hope that makes sense.

so - i am now learning to create some paintings that are only taking me a couple or hours or so.
I can now sell some originals


i am really happy about this.

.... here is the first one of very very many.  the reproduction isn't that great unfortunately as it wouldn't fit on the scanner, so took photos of her and the colours and textures aren't showing up as they look on the original.

hope you like her as i really really enjoyed creating her ....

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