Monday, June 11, 2012

cartoons in the garden

the things you see when you're out for a walk .....

i was on my way back from walking the gorgeous one (aka Finn my pooch) and i saw the most amazing sight in my neighbour's front garden.  i thought they were plastic - very cartoon-ish.  perhaps some type of creative garden light.  then i realised they were real. so ran home, grabbed my camera and took photos. 

aren't they amazing? i have no idea if they are mushrooms, toadstools, whatever.  the colours are just glorious and so true to how they are.  they were quite big too, perhaps 10-12cm across. 

does anyone know what they are? i'd love to know.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

inspired to paint ... true bloom is for you

no ... i didn't paint this (oh how I wish) - flora bowley did

back here i was mad for signing on to new art courses then found i didn't have time to do them as they overlapped and i was doing other stuff ... i'm sure you know what i mean.  well i am now about half way through the online fantastic-amazing-loving-it-more-than-i-thought flora bowley true bloom online course (fortunately for me the course is available online for six months after the class closes so you can catch up. phew).

even though i am only half way through, i so so so recommend this if you are interested in art in any form.  forget that you can't paint or have never ever tried ... her thing is teaching you to paint intuitively and at the end of the course i know you will say 'yay - i can paint' .  you might even say  'yay i can paint and i just found a new career'.  really.

  flora's intuitive approach is based on just going with the flow and discovering what emerges ... layering paint and laying some more paint.   so enlightening and encouraging and FUN.  i'm only half way through (is that the third time i said that?), but am transformed in my thinking and my approach to painting.

so what i am trying to say is that if you would like to learn to paint, don't know where to start, have never painted before, have been painting for years but love to do art courses, open to new experiences ...... then this is the girl and the course for you. and flora is soooo delightful.

if you check flora's blog you will see some examples of students work from the first ever online class (that i enrolled for but am just getting to).  the next course starts in the next week or so, so get to it if you're interested.

 ... and here is a photo of the the very talented flora in her studio.

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