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I'm Jennifer and I live about an hour north of Sydney.  We moved here by the beach about a year ago and really love it.  Was a little unsure that I would as I've lived in inner city Sydney most of my life and thought I'd really miss the vibe, but miraculously I don't.

I am married to an tolerant and loving Irishman and we have a ten year old brown dog called Finn Macool who gets her own way far too often.  My crazy love of animals means that I've been a vegetarian for around 19 years.  I'm working on the Irishman giving up the animal eating, but it's proving harder than I anticipated.

Art has become my obsessive focus for the past three years.  When I was younger I was art obsessed but life, travelling etc pushed it into the background.  Then a few years ago I decided to take a break from my well paid corporate life and took up art again.  Now I am possibly the happiest I've ever been (poorer, but happier). 

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you find something here that interests you.

Jenn xx

June 2014


  1. Hey Jenn

    I just adore your art work. Enjoy!!

    Anita :0)

  2. Saw these pictures at Avoca on the weekend and they absolutely captured me! Simply wonderful.
    Amanda x


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