Friday, April 12, 2013

originals for sale

back a few weeks ago ... here ...  i very excitedly waffled on about finally having originals for sale. 

 well there was a bit of a hiccup .... i couldn't part with them.

every weekend i found an excuse not to take them with me to my market stall.
 after spending hours to create them i get very attached and i just want to keep them and love them forever (i know - pathetic isn't it).  really really silly as i have them scanned and can look at them anytime i want, but it's just not the same.

i have given myself a good talking to and realised that the girls need to spread their wings and fly off to new adventures, i can't keep them hiding in a cupboard (literally) forever.

so this weekend all the new original girls will be at my market stall at The Norman Lindsay Gallery for Pudding Day and i am hoping they will all go to happy new homes (and if they don't i will be silently happy - very silently .... heheee).

so here are a couple of new ones that will happily be taking the trip to the lower Blue Mountains with me on sunday ...

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