Saturday, October 8, 2011

"knitting with dog hair" ... yes, yes, you did read correctly

i found this book in a second-hand store and had to grab it before some other pathetic dog obsessed person did.  it is just too funny isn't it? it is a serious book though - with actual patterns and advice. really.

don't you just love those tag lines .... 'stop vacuuming and start knitting'.  

i have a small problem though.  she has descriptions of the hair/fur of each dog breed and apparently my cross Ridgeback does not have a suitable coat for 'spinning'.  heart broken.   all is not lost though - perhaps i could pass my pooch's fur to other dog fur knitters, her advice to me is '....not suitable for spinning, but it would add a sprinkle of distinction to less courageous fibers'. that's my girl - distinctive.

gosh, it gets better. i just read the introduction - it starts .... 'when we began "knitting with dog hair" most people thought we were a few puppies short of a litter'.  hee hee.

wouldn't you love to meet Kendal Crolius and Anne Black Montgomery the two kooky people that thought this would be a great idea for a book?  i certainly would - i think they'd be my kind of people.

please feel free to contact me for information on the suitability of your dogs coat for spinning and knitting and i will consult the book for you. bliss.

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  1. Wow it'd be great to have some use for the mountains of hair I sweep up from my Boxer dog. Does it say I can use his hair in your book? Sometimes (when I can be bothered) I arrange it in a pile and it looks just like a toupe.
    p.s. I love your art work. Just found your blog from your comment on Meet me at Mikes.


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