Thursday, May 10, 2012

abcd meetup

i love a get together and recently i went to one that was very special.  a get together of like minded women for a few hours one saturday afternoon.  it is called abcd - which is :  
artists bloggers crafters designers.  
the whole even is organised by the very fabulous Steph and Lisa

part of the fun of the event is the take home goodie bag.   if you contribute something to the goodie bag, then to you get to take one home and they are full of amazing goodness - wonderful creative things produced by the very talented people that attend. and its not one of those wanky kind of i'm so cool events, its a group of great women getting together, chatting for a few hours and sharing information and stories. 

 all the gorgeousness of the afternoon can be seen in photos on Steph Bond's great blog called Bondville and Lisa's called The Red Thread.  take a look.  below is a photo of me taken on the day (no I didn't spend the afternoon walking around like that, we all had to stand with our contribution to the goodie bag and have our photo taken), and - shock horrrrror - i think it's an okay photo of me, all due to the talents of Anni at Milk & Honey Photography).

if you're an abcd person and you want to come to the next one then take a look here, they are held nationally too!

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