Tuesday, July 31, 2012

inspiration please ...

well. here is the whimsical girl of the moment. what do you think?

i think she is related to Prudence as she has the same wild hair, and perhaps also to Milly as she very pretty violet eyes.  but what is her name?

i really need some help with suggestions for a name.  i'd love to send a print or a set of cards to whoever comes up with the most suitable name.  so if you are inspired by a name when you look at her please let me know.
leave any suggestions below in the comments section, or on my facebook page.

... and thanks for taking a look at the new girl, she'll be thrilled to know that you're interested in her.

i will have prints of her at the markets this weekend, and plan to have her in the shop in the next day.

p.s. :: almost forgot.  i should have another gorgeous girl finished for next week.  so far she has very short dark brown hair, luscious lips, emerald eyes, and is a tiny bit sophisticated. i've got a feeling she may be a hit as her background colours are really quite wonderful.


  1. Hi Jen, the first name that came to mind was Matilda but then I thought maybe she looks a bit like a Pippa or perhaps a Violette. I could keep going but I'd better stop there...
    Hope you're well
    Jo :)

    1. Hi Jo .... thanks for the suggestion. I got LOTS of great names posted on my facebook page, and there were several Mathilda's so that is what I'm going with. So thank you very much!

      I'd like to send you a print of one of my girls of a pack of cards to say thanks, so let me know which you would prefer (and which girl) and I can post to you. You can email me at theblissfulbrush(at)gmail(dot)com.

      Hope you're healthy and happy.
      Jenn x


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