Monday, August 20, 2012

amusingly odd find

i am a regular visitor to charity and thrift shops. i love them. i love that when you walk into them you just don't know what you will find.

i usually visit them looking for unusual pieces of furniture and weird stuff i can use in art.  and occasionally, just occasionally i come across the funniest things .... like this book.

well last week i came across some vintage sheet music ... below .... song number 3. what the ........  ?  really.

you mightn't be able to read it but is says "a particularly beautiful ballad".  really?

just googled it an apparently duke ellington and kd lang have sung it.  the kd lang bit makes it even more amusing don't you think?  i am sure it is on youtube somewhere, i must look.

the lyrics are a bit of a hoot ....

Love is like a cigarette
You know you held my heart aglow
Between your finger tips
And just like a cigarette
I never knew the thrill of life until I touched your lips
Then just like a cigarette
Love seemed to fade away and leave behind ashes of regret
Then with a flip of your fingertip
It was easy for you to forget
Oh! Love is like a cigarette 

not sure there is anything more to say really. 

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