Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tidy ?? Untidy?? Hmm

is it possible to keep a tidy art room if you are a perpetually untidy person?   My husband says no.

i am an untidy person! i can't (naturally) keep anywhere tidy. i always have papers, paints, canvases, finished paintings all sitting on the floor.  My desk is always a hodge-podge of stuff just dumped onto it (please refer to evidence in below photo)  it gets so bad that sometimes it even annoys me!  but somehow i manage to get stuff done. and believe it or not a tidy it up weekly and put stuff away.

my honey-pie's theory (and i believe he read an article about this that got him mentioning it) is that if you are a naturally untidy person, no matter how frequently you tidy up, you will be back in a big untidy mess before you can say "blissful brush", because that is how your brain is wired.

you know, I think he might be right.  just take a look at the desk in my art room in the photo below.  i know i tidied this up on friday.  really, i did. honest.

maybe i need to make a concerted effort to keep things tidy?  prove my honey-pie wrong.  nah, why would i want to do that? let him be right.

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  1. I'm too embarrassed to show what my studio looks like right now....yours is controlled chaos...mine is natural disaster.


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