Sunday, December 19, 2010

thankyou Miss Blu ...

today i was just sitting here thinking about how much my life has changed this year in so many ways.  the most positive is that i am now totally absorbed in art and so so loving it.

earlier this year i decided that i could no longer not do art, so i decided to start from the basics again and do a drawing class at the local community college.  mistake. big mistake.  the teacher was woeful. woeful. i won't bore you with the details, but basically she didn't teach, just put an object in front of us and said draw it, whenever a student asked for guidance she seemed quite taken aback.  odd.

i wasn't giving up.  so I turned to the good ole internet in search of instruction and found the divine miss Suzi Blu.  what an inspiration. what a teacher.  what a wonderfully kooky girl. what an artist!! her art is unique and magnificent.

i have learnt so much from her classes apart from art that I can't begin to tell you.  mostly though i learnt that yes, i am an artist (suzi says so).  suzi has also given me the confidence to open an etsy shop (no one has bought anything, but that doesn't matter, i opened an etsy shop!!!! yay to me!).

suzi taught me to paint backgrounds and beautiful girls. how to blend to make their skin look divine, how to make their eyes pop and their lips luscious.

not long after i started my first suzi class one of my friends had just been diagnosed with cancer and was looking to do some art, i sent her suzi's website and she too enrolled in suzi classes. we spent many an hour talking about how much we enjoy suzi and how much we love painting the girls! also how much we felt encourage by suzi and how much confidence she instills, and i think that is the key to suzi, she is genuine and authentic and truly wants you to succeed in your pursuit of blissful art.  i know i might sound like some crazy groupy nutcase, but she really is wonderful.

i really thank suzi for re-igniting my creative spirit and i hope that one day i can meet her and give her a big squeezy hug and say 'thanks suzi blu - you're great!'. 

so if you want to be an artist, a suzi blu class is the place to be!

here is one of my first girls, just love her ....if i can do this after a few weeks, so can you. Bliss.


  1. Hello - I found your post thru Suzi and I am trying to decide if I should take her classes or not and how they really work. There isn't much in means of info on how the classes work with our registering. Should I take the job... what supplies are needed, etc... I love your First Girl you posted in this post too.

  2. Hi Jennie .... thanks for visiting my blog! Hope I can help you make a decision.

    The main reason I enjoyed Suzi's classes so much is she is very unconventional, I know this doesn't suit everyone, but it suits me. She is very encouraging and uplifting, regularly re-enforcing that you are an artist and can produce beautiful art. I really didn't think that I could produce the paintings that I have and am still surprised and thankful when I look at my Suzi paintings.

    I haven't done the Sirena class that she is now offering, I did her ‘Petit Dolls Beginners’, ‘Piety & Passion’ and ‘Angels’ (I don't think she offers them any longer) and there was at least 15 hours of content between them all. The classes are in-depth and step by step of every single layer involved in producing her paintings (there is a lot of layers and it is a great basis for learning to paint), the downloads contain her showing and telling what to do from preparing the boards thru to finishing off the completed pictures, and also her painting with beautiful music playing. I have watched them many times and still enjoy them.

    As part of the course you could also send her scans/photos of your progress week by week and she would personally email you with suggestions and encouragement - it was great.

    In regard to the materials, you may have them on hand if you are a little arty and crafty: paints, scrap papers, rubber stamps, stencils, glittery stuff, etc.

    Hope that helps Jennie. I really recommend you do it, I absolutely LOVED the classes and it has moved me on to other types of art using what I learnt from Suzi.
    Jenn x

  3. Lovely art! Love the girl with the big!
    Suzi is a great teacher!


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