Tuesday, December 7, 2010

garage sale bliss bliss and more bliss

i love a garage sale. absolutely. no denying it.

it is quite difficult to find a really great garage sale where you want to buy everything they have.  my theory  ...having been to many many many many .... is that every 5th one is GREAT!!!  that doesn't mean you get through 4 horrid ones and the next is vintage bliss.  it means that if you suffer through the greasy old bbq's and disgusting plastic garden pots for long enough you will hit heaven like i did on saturday (see below photos for evidence).

there was so much great stuff that i didn't buy (no room, have enough already).  the best bit is that this wonderful woman that was having the sale has just moved into the area and does this as a hobby.  collects vintage goodies from charity shops and garage sales then every few months off loads what she doesn't really want in a garage sale.  Love that woman! Bliss.

The white table is in great condition and most likely from the 50s or 60s.  the brass trolley's top shelf is a removable tray - love it.  Not too sure about the oil paintings, but i loved the colours, may take the frames off and take another look at them. the mirror is deliciously dilapidated and i thought it needed a happy home for its final days. Happy girl!  And it was my birthday on Saturday, so doubly happy girl.

just remembered .... a few weeks ago at a garage sale i found a 5 arm vintage crystal chandelier for $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes THREE dollars.   I grabbed it and didn't let go of it until I got to the car.  What a beauty!

Bliss to all.

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