Sunday, January 2, 2011

:: 2011 - the BLISSFUL year

not sure what to make of 2011, or should i say - what i will make of it.

i've never been good with new year resolutions as they put too much pressure on you. they're great if you keep them to yourself and don't blab to the world.  it is always better to not succeed privately don't you think, as most new year resolutions are so not achievable or are forgotten about by feb?  very negative sounding of me i know, so i am not making any this year.  there will just be my regular daily resolutions that i try to keep front of mind (so much to think about isn't there?) -

make more art, eat healthily, be thankful for my honey-pie, don't drink too much wine, be a positive happy girl that is grateful for her life, love everyone regardless.  there that works for me. happy girl.

there are some goals i want to achieve the first quarter of this year though, but i need to work on them a bit more - think, develop and finalise them.  there, that could be my first goal for the year - work out my goals. 

Bliss will fully blossom in 2011.

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