Friday, January 21, 2011

tickets on myself

i was recently swooning over some beautifully hand made tags on a website, and now i can't find the website. drat and double drat!!  anyway, i decided that i wanted to try and make some beautifully hand made tags, but do you think i can find any plain attractive blank tags in this city - N.O.!  I saw these and these but they are in the US and I don't particularly want to pay a fortune in postage - plus I can't believe that I can't purchase some here.

i visited the local scrapbooking store and they said they would make me some on one of those die cutting machine, so that is a last resort option. although not suitable if i want to become a millionaire from selling divine hand made tags (dream away Jenn).

anyway, I decided to buy these very dull manila shipping tags (below).  Lets see what I can do with them hey!

you know, the great thing about me not being able to find those blissful handmade tags, is that I won't be able to compare mine to them.  Bliss.

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  1. Excited to see what you come up with! I don't know why, but I luuuuurve beautiful, fun, quirky tags! Though I've never really made any myself...


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