Friday, January 27, 2012

recycled furniture obsession update

Yay, have finished my latest recycled furniture project and am quite thrilled with the outcome. i had a bit of an obsession with it for awhile (it being painting furniture).  here's a few of the pieces i've painted in the past. 

now, i can't take credit for this idea even though i would REALLY like to. the idea came  from this wonderful woman/artist's blog that I follow, you can see it here. and I think her's looks better than mine.  i think it is the paler coloured papers that she has used, and i kinda wished i'd used paler colours.  anyway am still very happy with my unique piece of furniture. 

this is the ugliness of how the cupboard started out ...

then I  used ESP on it and then painted it a cream colour ....

 cut up a heap of scrapbooking paper and glued them on using Mod Podge Hard Coat ...

 ... and here it is again in all its gloriousness

 and a bit of a close up ...

it really is an easy project, and surprising quick to do.  give it a go.  you'll enjoy the process and the blissful outcome. really.


  1. this looks amazing! So inspiring! Love your blog too! Shae xo

  2. It looks like a totally different piece of furniture! You've done a great job. You must have a lot of patience... I have gone into furniture reno's with great gusto but don't tend to finish them off! ooops. Have you ever tried to sell one of your revamps? I think you could!
    Jo :)

    1. Hi Jo .... I once had a a grand idea to distress and sell furniture, then I started painting again, so the furniture business went out the door very quickly. But it was great to do this piece as it has been a few years. x


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