Sunday, January 15, 2012

recycled love

before my latest obsession for painting began, i had a mad obsession with painting old pieces of furniture (that was just around the time of my mosaicing obsession of which i still have boxes and boxes of plates and tiles under the house).  my main objective was to shabby chic them and make them look all old, worn and (hopefully) french looking and save myself a ton of money by having furniture i wanted without the huge cost.

why i am talking about this is that this week after years of ignoring my furniture painting obession,  i have started another project using vintage style papers to cover the draws of a chest of draws, (but more about that in another post) and i am surprised about how much i am enjoying it.  such a sense of fulfilment.

i thought i'd post the recycled love of previous years and upload a few photos of some furniture that i've painted.  there is a before and after photo of one piece, but i forgot to take a before shot of the large dresser type piece on legs .... it was painted white and had been sponged with a chocolate colour. just lovely. anyway .. here they are.  by the way, its VERY easy to do.

From this ......

... to this - and I have two of them

i just love this monster and doubt if I will ever part with it ...

so there are just a few of my blissful furniture painting adventures ... with more to come. 


  1. WOW I love your handywork; the wardrobe is totally transformed! You'd pay a bomb for that in the fancy pants shop. And the 'monster' is awesome. How do you manage to see what's in the top drawer? hehe. Any joy with finding Mollie Makes yet? I can ask at the newsagents who they order it through when I collect my next copy if you want....
    Jo :)

    1. hi Jo ... yes yes yes, I started stalking all the newsagencies i the area and I found Molly Makes in one. was sooo thrilled to see it. they are only up to Edition 7 and I think edition 10 has just been released in the UK - but I'm a patient woman.

      Yes,the monster is large. I can't access the top 3 draws without standing on a chair. And you have to be careful pulling the draws out, but I love it and it was about a tenth of the price in a fancy pants store (love that expression). x

  2. So glad you found Mollie Makes! Yay...
    I dunno if your newsagent can do it but the one I go to have a couple of the current editions that get flown over (how very grand)! and they are a few $ more. I think I pay just under $16 for the current edition. Just a thought...
    Jo :)


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