Monday, November 5, 2012

far too quiet around here

yes, it's been far too quiet on this little blog.  can't believe it has been months since my last post.  i know i'm not regular at the best of times, but this is very very bad.

now, I have a reason.  we spent ages looking for a new house and then a month trying to buy the one we wanted.  very challenging.  the owner built the house 27 years ago and was so emotionally attached to it he had great difficulty letting go and found every excuse for not selling, he even took it off the market at one stage.  but success was finally had and we have a great new home to move to in December.

then .... we had to prepare our house to sell.  there is so much more to do than you think and everything takes longer that you estimate. and the stress ... boy oh boy. 

and now we are living in a totally un-cluttered environment and are too scared to do anything in case we mess something up.  i must say though (but don't tell the irishman), it's really nice to live in a tidy environment.  i am a total messer and don't really like that side of myself, but have so much difficulty controlling my untidiness. i even mentioned it here in this post

although having said it is great to living in tidiness, i am missing all my art supplies and whimsical and beautiful photos and bits that i have hanging around my studio.  it won't be for long though.

here's a photo of our living room as it looks now.   will try and hunt out a 'before'.

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