Monday, November 12, 2012

:: love bunting ::

about six months ago i decided my market stall need to look a little more funky, so i made myself some vintage style bunting using the fabric that I had printed to sew onto t-shirts.  well ... the bunting turned out fabulous (evidenced below) and i have been inundated with people wanting to buy it.

i have resisted for months as i would have to sell them at a price that i thought no one would pay, even though many customers said that they would.  then it came to me.  make some up - but sell them as individual panels rather than one length of bunting. then customers could buy as many or few as they wanted, or they could by one or two a month until they had their desired quantity.  love it.

so from this weekend i will have bunting panels on my stall. 
very excited to see how they go as i quite enjoyed making them which surprised me.

some of them even have a little pocket in the back for little girls to hide little secrets.  woo hooo ...

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