Wednesday, February 6, 2013

i need a good talking to

yes it has been far too long dear blog ... i am a very naughty girl, yes I am.

we moved house four days before christmas and i still have boxes to be unpacked.  i have totally lost interest in finishing as we have to paint the house and so can't get into the decorating obsession mode that usually hits me immediately we move house.  and i can't start painting the walls and timber until the irishman fixes up the walls in the living room.  two of the walls had pine paneling on them at odd angles, so we have ripped all that off and the walls and are now left with glue residue and holes in the gyprock.  (a friend visited last week that has very very conservative taste in decorating, and she doesn't quite get my decorating aesthetic, and she saw the walls and asked me if that was art. gosh .... too funny, only she was serious).

we've ripped out the built in desks and multiple shelving from the bedrooms so I should be able to start the painting there any day now.  i do love painting walls, i especially love the cutting in which most people don't.  i find it all very cathartic.  you get into a zone and just relax. i do not at all like the preparation and the cleaning up, oh know i don't. hate it. and as all the timber is stained dark and i want to paint it white, then there is a lot of sanding to do.  and that means a lot of dust.  yuk.

but one must ALWAYS remember to ...


  1. It sounds like you've been busy and still have plenty to do. Good luck with it all and good to see you back in the bloggy world!
    Jo x

  2. I know how easy it is to neglect a blog - don't feel guilty, just keep on sharing your stuff, we love it!
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