Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bouncing off the walls with cupcakes

yesterday i minded my friend's two young daughters for a few hours.  so we made cupcakes and easter cards and generally had a heap of fun whilst making lots and lots of mess.  it was great.  along with the mess were three dogs (mine and her two), trying to get a part of the action. hilarious.

i think the girls ate more icing than went onto the cupcakes and i thought for sure that by the time their mum arrived home, they would certainly be bouncing off  the walls from the food colouring and far far far too much sugar.  but they managed to keep it together.  i did suggest to them that when their mum walks through the door that they should start bouncing off the walls for a laugh, but we forgot to do it.  drat.

below is the outcome of far too much food colouring, but lots of fun and sprinkles!

they certainly don't match up to the bliss that is contained within Couture Cupcake Creations, but they were dee-licious! you really should look at the lovely Laura's creations, they are too amazing for words ..... and she won an award at the Royal Easter Show.  big yay to Laura.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure it's not coincidence that your cupcakes match your art work.
    They're so pretty.


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