Friday, April 1, 2011

Is it Christmas in April??? My ABCD Meetup Stash...

last night at the ABCD Meetup was just great. i met so many wonderful and talented and fearless girls, i was in awe of so many of them.  makes me realise that i can make a living from my art.  

and i got such great and needed information that will save me hours and hours of research.  thank you so much.

..... and the stash from the goodie bags. wowee.  such beautiful and creative things, check out the photo .....



  1. Jenn I couldn't stop galling my husband about you!! I think you are so beautiful and I love the enthusiasm you showed once given the information you craved! I am so happy I could help in a small way... Not nearly close to how much you helped me... Big love and snuggles

    Xo Steph aka MooBear Designs lol..

  2. Hi Jen

    It was lovely meeting you on Friday night, so glad i found your blog. I love ur work :) xx

  3. Jenn, it was so lovely to meet you! Now go get em!

  4. ahh, that was me who left the last comment... not sure what happened there!

  5. so great to meet you, what a fun night (aren't you glad you came??). Looking forward to catching up again and if that American girl gets in touch I will let you know so we can all grab a drink. x


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