Monday, April 18, 2011

woo hoo :: very very excited

i had a very very very exciting weekend, yes i did.
i sold my first print on-line.
it was a print of this gorgeous creature on made it.

totally chuffed with myself as i've only really just started selling on-line. i know it is a very small step, but lots of small steps will eventually turn into giant ones - won't they?  and you've got to start somewhere don't you now?  bliss

i also spent the weekend obsessing about leon russell, you know that sexy rock god from the late seventies (i know, i know i'm really old)?  he's touring australia next week for the byron bay blues festival and i have tickets to see him in sydney.  he no longer looks the rock god (believe me on that one), but i'm hoping he still sounds great.  he just released a cd with elton john called 'the union'.  love love love that album, think i played it about 20 times over the weekend and every listen it just got better. am even listening to it now.  obsessed.  my husband is a little over it.

1 comment:

  1. Leon Russell...I am so jealous! Yep the years are creeping up on me too! Hope you had a great time at the Blues Festival you lucky ducky you...would love to hear how it was. I am definately going to check out the CD.
    Robyn Lee x


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